photos on tiles
Any of my photos may be put on ceramic tiles. Through this process the photo becomes part of the tile itself. Making a photo ceramic tile enhances the photo in a variety of ways. First, on the tile, the photo acquires a new depth which makes the photo really stand out. Also, the tile glazing process gives the photo beautiful saturated colors. The effect is quite lovely.

Please look at my gallery : "photos on tiles" to see some samples of photos on tiles.

I glue a picture hook on the back of the tile with industrial strength glue. They may be displayed in any room. Since they are water proof, they are safe to hang anywhere. People like them in their kitchens, bathrooms, or porches. You may also order the tiles without a hook in back so that you can put them on a picture/tile stand.

Please look at the "sales info" tab for prices and contact me for ordering.


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