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Portrait or Personal Image - Denise   Saldana


~Through photography, I can combine my interest in art and in nature. My main subjects are my gardens and "my" pond. But I tote my camera to botanical gardens, zoos, greenhouses, bird sanctuaries, butterfly gardens, lighthouses, and moonscapes. Getting lost in color and light has allowed me to experience a peaceful, spiritual joy.

~My father gave me my first Brownie camera as a teenager and a Leica (a 1940's model) camera in my twenties. I have been hooked since then. After a few more Canon cameras, I now have a DSLR Olympus E-510 with a 50mm 1:2 Macro lens (100mm equivalent). I shoot outside, inside, with natural light (preferred) and photo lights, with a softbox, with color lights.

~Lately I have been combining photography with art. I use paints to marble paper and then use these as a backdrop to my photography. (See my Flowers on Marbled Paper in my gallery.) Also, I have found that putting my images on ceramic tiles enhances their color and luminosity. (See the sales info tab.)

~Enjoy my photos and please comment on them! I love to hear from you!

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